The 10 Most Important Rules of Salon Manners

It can be delightful and soothing to visit a salon, but it's vital to keep in mind that certain etiquette guidelines should be followed to make the experience pleasant for both you and the salon personnel. You should be aware of the following salon etiquette dos and don'ts. 

Do: Show up on time 

It's crucial to be on time for appointments so the stylist can begin working on your hair at the appointed time. Call the salon to let them know you're running behind schedule and find out if they can still fit you in with

Don't: Invite more guests. 

It is not suitable to bring additional visitors to your appointment unless you have made prior agreements with the salon. Salons can become busy, and having extra personnel around can cause the salon's flow to be disrupted. 

Do: Clearly communicate with your stylist 

When it comes to attaining the haircut you want, communication is essential. If you don't like the outcomes, don't be scared to speak out. Be clear and detailed about what you want. 

Avoid using your phone while you are in service. 

Both you and your hairdresser may become distracted if you use your phone while getting service. It's great to turn off your phone and take in the moment.

Do: Leave a proper tip

Giving tips is a way to express gratitude for a job well done. 20% of the total bill is the customary amount to tip, however you can change it depending on how well the service was provided. 

Don't: Show Disrespect to Salon Workers The personnel at the salon works incredibly hard to give you the best service possible. It's critical to be respectful and considerate of them. 

Set up follow-up consultations. 

It's crucial to schedule follow-up appointments as advised by your hairdresser if you want to preserve your hairdo. Your hair will remain beautiful and healthy thanks to this. 

Don't: Postpone plans last-minute 

Please give as much notice as you can if you need to change your appointment. The timetable of the salon may be disrupted by last-minute cancellations and it may be difficult to reschedule your appointment.

In conclusion, following these basic rules of salon etiquette can make your salon experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Remember to arrive on time, communicate clearly with your stylist, tip appropriately, and be respectful to salon staff. By doing so, you'll have a great salon experience every time.

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